Why join IT-NewVision

An IT services company with life

A momentum : join motivated and supportive teams

As soon as you join us, your manager and our HR team will accompany you along your carrer.
Team building activities, afterworks, and many fun moments will help you build relationships with your new colleagues easily.

IT-NewVision | Une Dynamique : rejoindre des équipes motivées et solidaires

Values of

Every IT-NewVisionner shares our 3 couples of values

IT-NewVision | Transparence & Confiance

Transparency & Trust

Build a positive relationship and work in harmony

IT-NewVision | Solidarité & Esprit d’équipe

Solidarity and team spirit

Foster the sense of service and the sharing of knowledge

IT-NewVision | Humilité & Ambition

Humility &

Go far. together.

IT-NewVision | Top management accessible : une organisation horizontale orientée résultat

Approchable top management : a horizontal and result-oriented organization

Our company is humain-sized and allows each consultant to have a manager involved in the company's strategy. all our managers are members of the Executive Committee of the company.

International Mobility : Europe, French-speaking Africa

Our clients are located in Europe and in Africa a continent that has become strategic for our sector, Our Near Shore center in Casablanca is a hub to adress the Africain continent.

IT-NewVision | Mobilité internationale : Europe, Afrique Francophone
IT-NewVision | Missions exigeantes : maitriser des solutions complexes, s’approprier le métier de nos clients

Challenging missions : mastering complex solutions, approaching our clients core business

Our missions allow you to improve on innovative solutions and advanced businesses, and to challenge your project management skills.

6 Reasons to join us

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    Join motivated and supportive teams

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    A horizontal result-oriented organization

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    A strong corporate

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    & Trainings

IT-NewVision | 6 Raisons de nous rejoindre

The ITeam

+ 10 nationalities & 20 spoken languages!

IT-NewVision | + 10 nationalités & 20 langues parlées!