Business Process Outsourcing

We put our customer relationship experience at your service, to assist you in optimizing your business. Whether you need to deal with an exceptional peak of activity, or to relieve your teams of time-consuming and recurring tasks, you can entrust us with the execution of your business activities.

Example of services

  • Lettering management
  • Implementation of collection processes
  • Manual treatment of billing errors
  • Payment transfers
  • Data transfer

These examples are given for illustrative purposes and depend on your CRM and billing solution. However, we adapt to all your needs and put in place the appropriate processes.

Our formulas

Our services are invoiced on a flat-rate basis, according to the time required to treat each act (granularity of 30 seconds). We formalize with you the packages allowing us to quantify the volume of acts to handle per request.

We offer several pricing options depending on the desired time of treatment for a package.


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Mourad - Directeur de Projet

"I am leading a project to carry out business activities linked to the management of payment collection and recovery. We can provide you with support by handling recurring activity flows or large stocks. Here are our areas of expertise:

- Reminders and payment collection

- Billing

- Subscription of services

- Or any other business activity linked to billing and customer management"

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