IT Integration

We have a strong expertise in information system integration, with 11 years of experience in the activities below:

  • The collection of the needs of the business line, the writing of specifications and User Stories, the architecture, and the functional and technical design
  • The expertise about the solution
  • The implementation of BI bricks, the design and implementation of indicators, especially billing indicators
  • Business support, especially support for billing agencies to manage meter reading cycles, billing cycles and sometimes block/unblock some perimeters, analysis of configuration needs to create new terms of service, new contracts and ensure that customers are linked to several criteria (following the previous invoice, at a specific date)

Our consultants are also able to carry out a detailed analysis of invoices and understand complex contract issues.

  • Integration, configuration of softwares according to their standard, development of specific modules and integration into the information system
  • The implementation of third-party application acceptance and automation processes
  • Information system audit

We can integrate the following billing solutions : CC&B, Egee and Opencell into your information system.

Our expertise in project management 

  • Team management
  • Methods and project frameworks: Classic and Agile
  • Quality approach
  • Monitoring of KPI
  • Risk Management

Our expertise in Business Line & Solution

  • Expertise and vision of the business line
  • Guardian of business - solution consistency
  • Specifications and writing of the needs of the business line
  • Expertise in billing, contracts, CRM, accounting, recovery, monthly instalments...
  • Handling of recurring tasks

Our expertise in BUILD/ Application management

  • Configuration, development, testing, integration
  • Training of technical teams and business line teams
  • Support for users during the deployment of new features or versions
  • Expertise in standard CC&B operations
  • Development and programming (Oracle Config Tools, Web services, APIs, Java...)
  • Performance Monitoring
  • BI and reporting
  • Preparing and implementing testing plans

RUN Support

  • Management of evolutions in contracts and prices
  • Implementation of integration processes of changes regarding amendments, renewals, contract gains and losses
  • Analysis and implementation of contracts / deliberations / Amendments
  • Guardian of the billing of new contract amendments
  • Processing of production tickets
  • Building action plans in response to blocking incidents





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Raphael - Consultant Senior

« I am a functional expert in billing and public sector (pension fund and health insurance) at IT-NewVision. My job consists in organizing workshops with the client’s business line, collecting needs and writing specifications and use cases in order to set up the appropriate tools for our clients. The set-up is carried out by our teams, led by the project director of IT NewVision.”

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