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Adopting a methodology to lead a project allows all stakeholders to work together efficiently, by following clearly defined rules. Thus, the project is organized in a streamlined and rigorous way that will ensure its success.

Le rôle du Scrum Master

The Scrum Master

The mission of the Scrum Master is to train team members in agile practices and to lead the various Scrum meetings: daily scrums, planning pokers, sprint retrospectives...

He helps the team members to improve constantly and be independent. He or she also protects the team members from any obstacle likely to disturb its smooth working. He makes sure that every member is involved and helps them overcome the obstacles they may face. He or she is not meant to solve the problems directly, but to help their team to identify solutions.

The Product Owner

In an agile environment, the Product Owner represents the end user, by being an interface between the business line and the developers.

His or her mission is to define the product vision and to optimize the business value by identifying the features that bring the most value to users, while taking into account the company's challenges and priorities. His or her role is to ensure that the client’s vision always remains at the heart of the project.

The Product Owner collects the functional requirements, writes the functional specifications, sends them to the developers and is in charge of the follow-up.

Le rôle du Product Owner
Le Devops

The DevOps Engineer

How can we talk about agility without talking about DevOps? Indeed, the DevOps engineer has become a key to the success of major projects.

Our DevOps specialists provide you with all the necessary parts involved in the software’s life cycle.

1 : Code : development tools, code review tools, merge tools, and source code management tools

2 : Build : implementation of continuous integration, status of builds

3 : Testing: continuous automated testing strategy

4 : Packaging: deployment and packaging of containers for different environments.

5 : Release: change management, version

6 : Infra: environment configuration and monitoring

Code quality

We attach great importance to the quality of the code. A well written and well-shaped code is the basis for a scalable solution.

Our philosophy is simple: whoever the author of the code is, it must be easy to read and easy to understand by any of our consultants.

Our developers respect internal programming standards to which they are introduced as soon as they join us.

We use the TDD (Test Driven Development) method and design automated end-to-end tests covering most application's features.

Qualité du code

Project management


We agree on a precise planning with our clients to implement all the detailed specifications that meet their needs.

We implement each step of the project, from launch to closing, considering the constraints of schedule, cost, scope, quality, etc.

Agile mode

Because it offers a greater flexibility and visibility in project management, this method allows our consultants to be more responsive to the client’s expectations. The requirements are divided into deliveries, and the client validates each intermediate delivery.

We always communicate with our client, and feedback and corrections are made in real time to meet the evolution of the needs.

Project management with Office 365

We can assist you in project management with Office 365 applications from the launch of the project to its closure.

Office 365 provides our project teams with cloud-based applications dedicated to collaboration and productivity. These tools allow them to:

- Handle document management by sharing documents between coworkers and making sure that they are updated in real time.

- Plan tasks and optimize the management of resources necessary to carry out the project.

- Create customized interfaces and coworking spaces for each project

- Improve communication and make it easier to organize meetings

- Monitor and check all activities

La gestion de projet avec Office 365

Delivery Model

Either in a fixed-rate project or in a direct labour project, we offer 3 delivery models:

On-site Client: our consultants work on your premises and are under the authority of our account managers

Offsite / Nearshore: we set up the processes and tools necessary to ensure that most of the production is carried out on our premises. A front end team ensures the stability of the relation with the client and coordinates back end activities. Multisite: in this model, activities are allocated in such a way that the project can be carried out by on-site and off-site teams.

Our goals:

1 : Offer efficient, flexible and scalable delivery models

2 : Build a strong and lasting relationship with our clients

3 : Produce projects with our clients

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